“I Know you are Busy, But…”

isn’t the most productive way to start a conversation. If something is worth asking someone to drop something else they are doing to do what you need them to do then you don’t need to start by making excuses for them before they have a chance to make them for themselves.

While a sensitive and often kind start to a request that is meant to respect someone else’s time it can actually communicate the opposite. It is like saying, “I know this isn’t really important enough to even consider but maybe, just maybe you will make a bad decision and do what I need you to do instead of what you really need to do.” That isn’t always what is going on but that is how it can feel.

So yes, be respectful of people…even recognize their busyness…but you don’t have to make excuses for people and if your request is not important enough to ask someone else to do it then just don’t ask šŸ™‚

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