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Like ministry, mission encompasses many things. It is tempting to define mission based on your passion or skill set. To the evangelist, mission is reaching the lost. To the humanitarian, mission is feeding the hungry. To the legalist, mission is defending the church from error.


But mission is more than all of these things. Mission is primarily about the purpose of God and when/how he calls us into what he is already at work doing. That means mission includes all of the above but at its core, mission is defined by the next thing God calls you to participate in.


God makes mission accessible. There are certain missions that require money, a plane ticket, etc…but for most of us that is the exception. God wants us to be on the lookout because mission is not usually “over there” it is typically “right here.”


One of the things you notice in the first 2 chapters of Acts is that God tells his disciples that he is going to send them from where they are (Jerusalem) to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). Before God does that He sends those from the ends of the earth to them in Acts 2. The point is this…God’s sending is not always God sending you to people but God sending people to you. Be ready!

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