We are Pastors, Not Prosecutors…Helping People Deal with the Ferguson Decision

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As social media gets it deluge of people who think they know exactly what happened in the Michael Brown/Office Wilson grand jury, let’s be reminded that in times like this we are pastors, not prosecutors. We aren’t here to prosecute either side. We are here to walk alongside the wounded no matter which side of the line they have fallen on. We are like medics on the battlefield helping our wounded, the ones we tend to relate with or agree with the most but also realizing that humanity demands that we help those of the “other side” at times as well because a life is a life is a life.

So before you turn on prosecutor mode and fill the airwaves with rhetoric that only results in making things worse, remember, the most productive thing we can do is help people learn how to live the cruciform life as well as the resurrected life. That is the only thing that will enable us to get through the difficult times. We need our reverends and our pastors doing that, not riling people up. I challenge you to find someone you disagree with an instead of engaging them in an argument, engage them with a blessing and a prayer.

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