What Is Your Church Passionate About?

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I just posted an article over at Wineskins about the things that stir people up and what that reveals about our priorities. Have a read and feel free to comment!

What is Your Church Passionate About?

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  1. An excellent post, Mr. Dabbs.

    You say, “It is vitally important that churches and church leadership do not define their direction based on what they are running from but on Who they are running to and the vision and mission that God is calling us to.”

    I’m sure we may agree if I say those are two sides of the same coin. God has called us to be holy, therefore we run from sin. He has called us to be righteous, so we war against our flesh. Being drawn towards light is away from darkness. Being conformed to the image of Christ is being alien to the world. If we love him, we keep his commandments, which means we hate breaking his law, even though our righteousness is complete in our Lord Jesus Christ. What we’re running from and who we’re running to cannot be separated. They are part of the same.

    Everything ought to have it’s proper emphasis. We should get riled up over someone being in error, and also our own sin. We should get upset over forsaking tradition if such traditions are Godly and biblical, and also over a stagnant lukewarm church that doesn’t preach the gospel (that one we can rightly be angry about!). We should pray for our country and church to move in the right direction. We may be overzealous of certain things, which is an error in itself. We should be cautious, but not so as to ignore everything for fear of being too fired up.

    There are many who poke holes and tear down. Let us remember that Jesus and the apostles were like that, and the Pharisees despised them. One can be righteous and gentle, building up things, and one can be righteous and hard, tearing things down- all according to God’s purpose.

    We should be passionate over the things of God, and do the will of the Father and follow the Son! Amen to that!

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