Weakness Trumps Power

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If you read one thing today take a few moments to read what my friend Lance Morgan wrote for Wineskins. It is powerful. It is needed. I hope many people read it, share it and that meaningful change can come out of it in our churches and ministries. Ministers and elders are put in positions where they have to exhibit strength. You get hired on strength and are expected to be strong…so what do you do when you have an issue, a weakness, or things in your life that need support? Many ministers and elders have no where to turn…it is really a shame.

But what if our weaknesses were actually able to be used for the kingdom and that transparency, openness and mutual support were normal in our churches?!? I can’t help but think God desires that for His people. So have a read and see what you think. I would be curious to hear your thoughts.

Weakness: A Driving Force in Ministry

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