Church Exists to Meet Needs

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…just not the needs that come most natural to us.

Church exists to meet the need people have for God…connecting people to their Creator and opening people up to know and experience God.

Church exists to meet the need of community…connecting people to others in deep and powerful ways.

Church exists to meet the need of existing for a purpose larger than yourself…there is no greater purpose in life than to live for and glorify God.

Church exists to meet the need of bring life to dead people…there is no greater need in the world than the need to conquer death and we have that through Jesus Christ.

Church exists to meet the need to learn to die to self and live for God…as we practice mutual submission, sacrificial giving and service in the church we provide opportunities for people to do what doesn’t come naturally.

It is popular today to say the church doesn’t exist to meet your needs and there is a lot of truth in that. But there are some needs that the church is essential to meeting and it is important we recognize that…not to make more consumers but to meet needs that shape people into the shape of the cross. Church exists to meet many needs and often they aren’t the needs we first think of when we think of church or the first needs we think of when we think of what we it is we think we need. But each one of these things is vitally important in the spiritual development and transformational process that conforms us to the likeness of Jesus Christ.

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  1. There is a big difference in perceived needs and real needs. It is one thing to not like all the music and another to not be taught the faith. When there is nothing in one sermon for the young to take home, that is one thing. When there is nothing in the last 26 sermons that the young can take home, that is another.

    Yes, church is supposed to offer a sense of community and support for people, but we all know that is not always the case.

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