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When I find good deals and good material, I try to pass it along. When I find something that is both…it is even better. This time, it’s Logos “Study, Apply, Share” material. It is written on various books of the New Testament with the preacher/teacher in mind. So far they have done Mark, Luke, Philippians, Hebrews, James. These usually run $20-70 each but right now they have James on sale for 99 cents!

These resources are created with the preacher or teacher in mind and are designed to give you some really good prompts to spark your thought process as you study to present a lesson (whether class or sermon) on a given passage. Each one gives a brief introduction to the book of the New Testament followed by preaching and teaching helps that are organized as the title “Study, apply, share” indicates follows for each section of scripture:

Study – A series of questions based on the pericope with links to other Logos resources that give you further information on where to find the answer to the question if you need help. The study section gives you some leads to dig further.

Apply – Potential themes and applications for the given verses.

Share – Following up on the suggested themes given in the Apply section, the Share section gives creative ideas of how to incorporate the ideas being presented into real ministry inside or outside the building.

Each section also contains very helpful charts. These charts cover things like word usage (how the Greek word is used in the book in question or in the New Testament or epistles at lage), how certain themes are presented in the book, etc. These charts and graphics can be copied to the clipboard and used in other programs. They can be sent directly to powerpoint or you can save the image into a number of formats including JPEG, TIFF and PNG.

You should definitely have a look at James for 99 cents and see if the rest of these might be something to look into as well.

If .99 is too much, try out the free resource for May – 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. This is part of the Pastorum Quotations series that I have found helpful in my preaching and teaching.

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