Two Upcoming Lectures/Workshops – Pepperdine and Spiritual Growth Workshop

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PBL14There are two upcoming events that I am really excited about. The first is the Pepperdine Lectures in Malibu at the end of this month. This year’s theme centers on baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Along with the lectures is a book by John Mark Hicks that follows the theme of the lectures: Enter the Water, Come to the Table. The book will be released during the lectures. Are any of you going to be at Pepperdine Lectures this year? You can see the brochure and register for Pepperdine here. Mike Cope, Rick Gibson and countless other people have worked to make this an amazing event. If you aren’t making it this year, I hope you will consider going in 2015. I am going to be hosting a panel discussion on preaching with Josh Graves, Sean Palmer and Jonathan Storment.





Second is the Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando. I am so proud of the organizers this year for making the theme more practical – Equip: Learn, Live, Serve. There will be a heavy emphasis this year on training church leaders and church members toward serving and ministering in their local contexts. This workshop is June 26-29…if you live in the Southeast, this is a really great workshop to consider. I will be presenting a couple of classes on young adult ministry: the obstacles of church systems and how to break through to reach this vitally important generation.

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