Parables of Jesus – 12 weeks of free lessons on the Parables

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I just wrapped up a lesson series on the parables. As always, I like to post them here for whoever might want them or need them for personal or public study. Thanks to all of you who have downloaded and used lessons in the past. I love to see that these get used! This brings the total lesson count available here on the blog to just under 1000! Here is the link to the 971 other lessons.

The Parables Of Jesus

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  1. Matt, what a delight to find this web site. We miss you at Northwest but I can see you have begun a journey of bigger and greater things for the Lord. Bless you and your work. I will be teaching the adult class on Wed evening in the auditorium and will be teaching on the parables of Jesus. I am thrilled to find this.
    In Christian Love
    Dave Krebs
    Northwest Church of Christ

    1. Great hearing from you! The best resource out there (very in depth) is Snodgrass book “Stories with intent”…a simpler book that would fit perfect for what you are doing is “The parables of Jesus” by Wenham. Let me know if you need anything!

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