Finally Made the Transition to California

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This past week involved a lot of loving people, lots of driving and not a whole lot of sleep. Between Monday and Friday I made the drive from Saint Petersburg, Florida to Bakersfield, California in a 27 foot Penske truck that was completely filled. Missy, the boys and her mother fly in on Tuesday. In the meantime, I am getting the house in shape and trying to find two vehicles here in Bakersfield.

On the trip out I was blessed to be able to stay with friends in Panama City, San Antonio and Tucson. In every single instance there were conversations had that I really feel like God had a hand in making happen. In the process I was greatly encouraged every single night of the journey through the fellowship, study and prayers I was able to do with some people who are very dear to my heart.

Last, I am so appreciative of the people on both ends of this journey who have gone out of their way to help make this transition possible. We could not have done this on our own. I can’t even begin to list all the acts of kindness that have happened over the last few days and weeks. God continues to provide and demonstrate His perfect faithfulness to us. I am truly humbled and am ready to begin a new leg in the journey of following Jesus! Thank you Northwest for doing so much for us over the years and for being so gracious in sending us to another church family. We love you. Thank you Westside for embracing us and welcoming us. We love you.

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