Harding Lectures 2013 Wrap Up

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Tomorrow is the last day of the 90th annual Harding Bible Lectureship. Missy and I have been incredibly blessed by our time here this week. We have seen a lot of familiar faces, too numerous to list here, attended some great classes and taught 3 classes on 20s and 30s ministry. Harding also hosted a Preaching Workshop with Chris Altrock, Randy Harris, Phil Thompson and Scott Adair. The audio of this will be available on this via iTunes university – https://www.harding.edu/itunesu

If you attended my classes and would like to get more resources on 20s & 30s ministry see the ministry drop down menu at the top of this blog and click on the 20s & 30s page. Feel free to comment or ask questions about what was presented on this post. Thanks to everyone who attended.

We are deeply appreciative for Harding and Dr. McLarty allowing us to be a part of this year’s Lectureship. I believe Harding has many good years ahead and that God is using this University in some mighty ways for the Kingdom.

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  1. Did you explain to those attending your lecture about gender equality and how the younger generations do not believe in sanctioned discrimination? I realize the lectureship itself is not gender equal and some have said that speakers have been and continue to be blacklisted.

    1. Mark, I am unsure how to interpret the Spirit if your comment. My class focused assessing and changing church culture to a more biblical value system, more biblical ethos and practices. It is more than imitating someone else’s effective ministry and hoping those practices work in contexts that have an unhealthy value system. So I equipped them to work on these issues in their own context. I did not dive into every single issue here.

      In regard to Harding, I am very hopefully for the future. I think Harding has some interesting challenges ahead and they are willing to engage those challenges in some very Christ-like ways. I am more sure of that than ever after this trip.

  2. You are correct that what works in one place will not always work in another. I am glad they seem willing to engage the challenges. I understand about not being able to cover everything. Thanks for the reply.

  3. I can’t seem to find the preaching workshop on iTunesU. Lots of good resources from the lectureship, though.


    1. The talks were listed as 271-275 in the brochure and itunes ends it at 270. So I hope they are coming soon! They recorded video and audio.

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