Jesus Wasn’t Kidding When He Said He Would Give You What You Ask For

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A few months ago I made a foolish request of the Lord. I asked for challenge. He delivered. Since then, Missy has had major foot surgery which has left me taking care of many, many things…we accepted a new ministry position and will move to California at the end of the year, we have to sell our house, my father had back surgery, I am transitioning out of my current ministry and maintaining my duties there. I am sure I left out a few things…oh yeah, paint the house and fix a few things before we sell it, go to Harding Lectures and present, guest preach in Alabama, visit my family and I am sure there is more. Be careful what you ask for. I won’t be praying for patience or humility any time soon…too worried what God might do at this point 🙂

Honestly though, this is a season of growth and I am deeply appreciative that the Lord has seen fit to use me in the ways that He has.

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  1. When I was 18 I promised myself I would be some where on the ‘mission’ field in five years – but forgot about it well before that time was up. It wasn’t until years later I realized that I had arrived in New Zealand almost five years to the day. And I had not begun planning and working to that end until c. 3 months before leaving to work with a group I had met just shortly before that. We may forget, but God doesn’t.

    Hope that with all you have on your plate right now you’ll be able to join us in Altamonte Springs on Monday.

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