Despicable Me & Remembering What is Truly Important

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I have a confession to make. Last night we finally watched Despicable Me. Every single person who heard we hadn’t seen it gave us the same startled reaction. Now that we are past that…there was a scene in the movie where in a moment, everything became clear. I would have said in a moment everything changed but it didn’t change in that moment…it was all the moments leading up that did the changing. Gru finally gets his chance to steal the moon…he had dreamed of this moment since he was a child. He takes the moon in his hand, erupts in triumphant, joyous laughter and holds the moon close to his heart. At the same time his ticket to the girl’s ballet recital floats out of his pocket and glimmers before his eyes. In that moment, what was truly important became most clear. He knew what he had to do and what was really most important. Besides, we later find out owning the moon wouldn’t turn to be as glorious as he had imagined. When it came time to choose between the two (his adopted girls or the moon) he did what was right. He was changed (I guess we will learn how much or how little in Despicable Me 2).

Isn’t that how it works when we make goals apart from what is most important? We embrace the very things that can and will destroy us at the expense of the very things that would bless us most.

A change Gru…

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  1. Good thoughts Matt! We reviewed this on Let There be Movies. There’s also some good insights into Gru trying to please his mother.

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