Benny Hinn’s Request for $2.5 million Shows the Prosperity Gospel for What is Really Is

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After all these years of preaching how if you financially support his ministry, Benny Hinn now says he is $2.5 million in debt and he wants his supporters to dig him out. So let me get this straight. After preaching things like,

“Imagine not dreading going to the mailbox, no bills piling up on your counter, and no calls from collectors coming to your home. God wants to wipe your debt out! Every bit of it … and in the next 90 days!”

we find out that he is massively in debt. I wonder why God didn’t do to him what he has been promising God would do for the rest of us. We aren’t sure if it was the luxury cars or the $36 million private jet that put him in the hole to this extent but it begs the question. How can a guy who has been taking in millions in donations under the promise that God will pay people back be in debt to this degree and then have the audacity to ask his contributors to foot the bill? Stunning.

A tree will be known by its fruit – Luke 6:44

Let’s end this on a good note. Pray for Benny Hinn. Pray that God would use this as a time of teaching and discipline and humbling for him and that much good could come out of it all for God’s glory. Pray that times like these might open up his eyes to the truth and refine his message to be more in tune with the Gospel of Christ.

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