National Day of Prayer Neighborhood Outreach Idea

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The National Day of Prayer is Thursday May 2nd. Typically at Northwest, we dedicate the Wednesday night before to a prayer service. We gather prayer requests and then people pray over the request cards in the pews, prayer room, classrooms, or wherever they feel comfortable to pray. This year we are going to do something a little different. We are going to take some prayer cards into our neighborhood around the building. We will tell them that we want to do a better job praying for our neighbors and want to know if they have anything they would like us to pray for during the national day of prayer Wednesday night service. We have prayer cards we will hand them and just let them write whatever they want to write. No commitment, no strings, no big sales pitch. Just prayer requests.

Here is the prayer request card. If you would like to try this idea and want your information on it just let me know and I will adjust it and send it to you in a pdf.


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