Seeking God’s Will is Tough

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When it comes time to make a big decision it can sure be confusing. Is it difficult because God wants me to persevere through trials or is it difficult because God is trying to tell me there is a different path? Is success a sign to keep doing what you are doing or does it show you that the work is mature enough to make it on its own…or with a fresh set of ideas? What do you do when you seek godly council and two godly people tell you exactly opposite opinions on something? What if you fast and pray and you come up with no more direction than you started with? Why is it with difficult decisions that you only see what the right timing would have been in retrospect?

Now, I have never had all of that happen to me all at once. I have had each of those things happen at different times and different decision points in my life. It gets confusing. There are all sorts of strategies out there for determining and discerning God’s will. If there was a perfect plan, I have yet to find it because in my experience, God always finds ways around all those strategies to come up with something better than I could have planned for or anyone could have prepped me for.

So, here is the key – you don’t have to navigate through all those above questions perfectly in order to have a great outcome. Here is what you have to do…seek the Lord. Just keep seeking. Keep fighting on. Keep being faithful…seek the Lord. You will mess it up. It won’t be perfect. The timing could have been better or a decision could have turned out better…but what is most important is not making every decision perfect but that the distance between you and God is getting smaller every day.

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  1. Well done! This is a difficult topic largely because we sometimes look for a “perfect” answer when that is really not the point. I share some of my own struggles in these matters in the book The Sound of His Voice (Leafwood).

    Edward Fudge

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