Is the ESV the Mac of Translations?

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In the last post, Zondervan was compared to Microsoft. Which translation/publisher would you compare to Mac? User friendly, intuitive, sleek, and powerful…If I was skilled enough at photoshop I would create a picture of a Mac-esque Bible. If any of you guys can create something like that send it my way.

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  1. I like the comparison … I’ve been leaning on the ESV more and more the last few years, even more so since I went to buy a new Christian a Bible a while back and could only get the new edition of the NIV.

    1. The ESV has a reputation as being favored in Calvinist circles (you can find jokes about Young Calvinists being able to recognize each other by the circle on the binding…)

      For example:

      … thinking about it, that starts to seem like it gives the ESV a “Mac” type of flavor. But I really don’t want to go into this for multiple reasons, one of which is that I do a lot of tech support and that my idea of what “Mac” represents might not be the same as what it means to someone else.

  2. Im going to have to say either ESV or HCSB have aguments to be “the mac”… I prefer HCSB over any version and would personal consider that a mac.

  3. Like Pita, I don’t find the ESV the easiet to read in a flowing manner…perhaps that is a consequence of being used to the NIV and the ESV being too literal (like the ASV/NASB). The NRSV has alwaysseemed like a great balance between readabilit and literalness. But that’s just my opining.

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