Is the ESV the Mac of Translations?

In the last post, Zondervan was compared to Microsoft. Which translation/publisher would you compare to Mac? User friendly, intuitive, sleek, and powerful…If I was skilled enough at photoshop I would create a picture of a Mac-esque Bible. If any of you guys can create something like that send it my way.

8 Responses to Is the ESV the Mac of Translations?

  1. Rob Sparks says:

    I like the comparison … I’ve been leaning on the ESV more and more the last few years, even more so since I went to buy a new Christian a Bible a while back and could only get the new edition of the NIV.

  2. If you are considering issues of translation, shouldn’t questions of integrity be forefront?

  3. ozziepete says:

    I don’t understand the attraction of the ESV. I don’t find it easy to read, about the same as the NKJV. Am I missing something???

  4. tj says:

    Im going to have to say either ESV or HCSB have aguments to be “the mac”… I prefer HCSB over any version and would personal consider that a mac.

  5. K. Rex Butts says:

    Like Pita, I don’t find the ESV the easiet to read in a flowing manner…perhaps that is a consequence of being used to the NIV and the ESV being too literal (like the ASV/NASB). The NRSV has alwaysseemed like a great balance between readabilit and literalness. But that’s just my opining.

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