The Ten Laws of Boundaries

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boundariesMy friend Eric sent me a link that I found extremely helpful and I thought I would pass it along. It is a summary of the principles in the book Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend. It was something I really needed to hear and I thought some of you guys might benefit from this. In ministry it is hard to find a balance between being caring and taking on other people’s responsibilities and decisions for them. If we aren’t careful we end up enabling people and develop co-dependency among those we minister to. If you find yourself there from time to time, have a read and see if this article doesn’t help you see your situation for what it really is so that you can deal with it.

The Ten Laws of Boundaries

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  1. Very good stuff.
    It is easier for my wife to see me cross boundaries than myself. I need good, loving honest people around me who serve as an accurate mirror. God often uses them to speak to me. I like it. I hate it. I grow in it… to be more like Jesus.

  2. Law #5 about motivation is quite an eye opener for me – and definitely needs more time to chew on and work on.
    Sometimes when reading the beattitudes the one that hits me hardest is that ‘pure in heart’ one probably because I often do things to please others or gain their respect which per this comment is not the pure motive. It’s so easy to do unconsciously so now I will make a bigger effort to note before I react or act to something.
    Thanks for posting this link!

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