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I am sure quite a few people don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the menus at the top of the blog but there are some really great resources in the dropdown menus.

Free studies and lessons

  • Audio uploads – this is a collection of sermons from men I respect who have given me permission to upload their work.
  • Bible class archive – a HUGE collection of small group and Bible class materials written by readers of the blog. There are 3000 pages of material that have been downloaded over 60,000 times.
  • Small Group Lessons – Almost identical to the Bible class archive. I just can’t let either link go since both get so much traffic.

Ministry tools

  • 20s & 30s Ministry – This is an index to the majority of things I have written about 20s & 30s after working with these guys. This list includes everything from who they are to how to reach them to how to change Bible class to be more effective. I have been working with 20 somethings for 10 years and enjoy sharing my “aha” moments.
  • Church Steps Outreach Program – This is a simple method for outreach we developed at Northwest over the last few years. We have had success with it and have begun helping other churches catch the vision.
  • Marriage & Family – Articles I have written and links to other resources in this area.

Study Tools

  • Bible study – Links to all sorts of Biblical resources from original language resources, online concordances, etc…everything you need to do some quality Bible study online.
  • Blogroll – a HUGE list of great Christian bloggers that I would encourage you to check out.
  • Textual Study Tools – A step beyond the Bible study tools. This page is a big list of resources to aid you in textual criticism, manuscripts, etc.

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