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Who Is Your Favorite Theologian, Preacher, and Worship Leader?…Why?

February 5th, 2013 · 16 Comments · Christianity, Ministry, Preaching, Religion

Let’s really build some people up who have made an impact in your life. There is so much negativity that floats around out there in the internet…let’s hear some positive praise for those who come to mind for you. So who is your…

1 – Favorite Theologian

2 – Favorite Preacher

3 – Worship Leader

Bonus #4 – Ministry Guru

This could be someone very well known or it might be an exceptional person in your local congregation. What puts them on top of your list? Who are some people who are great who might not get some of the attention the big names get? I will try to put in links to your responses, where possible.


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  • Philip Cunningham III

    1) Tim Keller (CofC- John Fortner)
    2) Jim McGuiggan
    3) Percy Thomas (of the more well-known– Matt Elliot)
    4) Randy Willingham of HU

    • mattdabbs

      1 – Tim Keller has the gift of possessing superior exegetical skills of both text and culture. There really isn’t anyone I am aware of who is as good at both as he is.
      2 – Jim McGuiggan, amazing story teller. Man, that guy can tell a story in about as moving a way as I have ever heard.
      3 – Percy is the worship leader at Jenks, right? He is really, really good. Is he still leading? Matt Elliot is exceptional as well.
      4 – I haven’t had much exposure to Dr. W but I have heard nothing but good about him.

  • Paul Smith

    Theologian – Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    Preacher – Harvey Porter
    3 & 4 N/A

    I would have to add that my favorite university instructors, and therefore theologians, within the churches of Christ would be a tie between Everett Ferguson, John Willis, Neil Lightfoot, Ian Fair and Bill Humble. Long list – even longer influence.

    • mattdabbs

      1 – Bonhoeffer is so insightful. I do need to read more of his work.
      2 – Harvey Porter – I am not familiar with him but after reading a little about him online, sounds like he was an impressive man.
      Instructors – Great list. I take it you went to ACU 🙂

  • Mark Tubbs (@DiscerningReadr)

    Great questions, Matt. I appreciate the [all too rare] spirit of appreciative inquiry demonstrated here.

    1 – The toughest question of the bunch by far. Narrowing the field to someone who teaches/taught and writes/wrote theology as an occupation/vocation, I would have to say John N. Oswalt and the under-appreciated Robert Culver Duncan. There are others I have enjoyed immensely but I haven’t read enough of them to include them here.

    2 – One of my favorites is Rev. Elliott Greene of Faith Evangelical College & Seminary in Tacoma, WA (!/album/Rev+Elliott+Greene+Sermons/5598658 and

    3 – Has to be Matt Redman. So unassuming.

    Bonus #4 – Have to say John Piper, for manifold reasons.

    • mattdabbs

      Thanks Mark…aside from Matt Redman and Piper, I am not as familiar with those guys so I appreciate you bringing them to our attention. Hoping more people will take that route!

  • K. Rex Butts

    1. Jurgen Moltmann (CoC – John Mark Hicks)
    2. Francis Chan (CoC – Rick Atchley)
    3. Hillsong (CoC – Zoe)
    4. Alan Roxburgh (CoC – Randy Harris)
    5. Biblical Scholars: Walter Brueggemann – OT & N.T. Wright – NT (CoC – Rick Oster)

    • mattdabbs

      Some good ones there rex. I am not familiar with roxburgh.

      • K. Rex Butts

        Roxburgh is a Pastor from Canada and an Adjunct Professor whom I will have as part of my D.Min program at Northern Seminary (Lombard, IL). His book “The Missional Leader,” which is about reviving mission in an existing church, turned a bright light-bulb on for me because he advocates for a ground-up consensus approach rather than a top-down authoritarian approach. I bet you can’t guess why a ground-up consensus approach is more likely to work in a Church of Christ :-).

      • K. Rex Butts

        I should also add, that it is difficult for me to pick one person over another. I could have easily mentioned names like Miroslav Wolf, Christopher J.H. Wright, Scot McKnight, Rich Little, and Mike Cope as favorites also.

  • Rob Eby

    1 – N T Wright or Bonhoeffer (with others a close second)

    2 – Tony Ash from my ACU days. (retired from preaching now)

    3 – None. (all my life in church of Christ, and not really into ‘rock band for Jesus’ style of things. No derision meant.)

    Bonus #4 – Carrol Osburn while at ACU. Greek Prof who taught an honors NT class, and helped us learn to look for main points instead of treating each verse equal. Though Richard Beck at has some of my favorite musings right now.

    • mattdabbs

      Those are some really good folks you listed there for sure. I don’t know as much about Tony Ash as the rest. I have heard of him but am not very familiar.

  • Tim Spivey

    1. Dallas Willard (cofc Randy Harris)
    2. John Ortberg (cofc Jeff Walling)
    3. Matt Redman and/or the Hillsong triumverate
    4. Bill Hybels

  • Barbara Admire

    1 – CS Lewis Screwtape was as close to theological as I get (having the guts to answer in the company of most of you all smart Bible School dudes)
    2-Chuck Swindoll – as a new Christian in grad school…having to spend hours communting in LA (land of the self-centered) Chuck’s Insight for Living kept the plumb line on Jesus when I was trapped in a car and very often tired and stressed.
    3-Keith Lancaster led a weekend at the Florida Spiritual Growth Workshop one year and he could have us all hold an amen like we all meant it – when we all needed it!I can still hear and sing right along – haleluliah WHAT A SAVIORRRRRR.

  • baltimoreguy99

    Theologians: Jurgen Moltmann, George Eldon Ladd, Walter Brueggemann

    Preachers: Bob Hendren, Lynn Anderson, John Allen Chalk and Rick Atchley

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