A Question for You Ministers Out There – What Ministry Resources Would You Find Useful?

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I am collecting, compiling and creating some ministry resources to post as a new page on this blog. I don’t want to invite things that no one wants or needs and I don’t want to answer questions no one is asking or solve problems no one has. That being said, what are some ministry resources that you would find helpful in your ministry? If I don’t have it and/or cannot easily create it…I will try to find someone who has. For instance, every time I do a wedding or a funeral I wish I had at least a beginning template that will give me an outline of the ceremony/service and a template for the lead up to the event like what questions to ask, things that need clarified, what needs to be explained, and the list goes on. Every time I do a wedding, I find I have to get the same basic information and sometimes I leave something out that would have been helpful to know. Anyway, that is just one idea among many. Some of these things I have already and some I am working on…others would need to be built from scratch or borrowed from other ministers and uploaded here. Thoughts?

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