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Here are a few really good resources on evangelism that range from the theory/theology of evangelism all the way toward practical evangelism. One random thought…If you are considering teaching a class on evangelism, it is important to determine your purpose…There is a big difference in teaching a class about evangelism and actually having people evangelize.

Here is the list in order from the more theory oriented books to the more practical ones:

Revival & Revivalism by Iain Murray – theory

Master Plan of Evangelism by Coleman – Theory…Modeling our ministry after Jesus’ discipleship process.

Tell the truth by Will Metzger – balance of theory/practice

The Gospel & Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever – balance of theory/practice

Evangelism: How to Share the Gospel Faithfully by John MacArthur – balance of theory/practice (very thorough, as always)

Evangelism Handbook by Alvin Reid – missional paradigm shifting book that front loads the theory and moves you toward practice.

Speaking of Jesus by Mack Stiles – practical

Heaven’s Star by Jim Woodell – very practical with good stories mixed throughout.

Becoming a Contagious Christian by Bill Hybels – a little dated now but extremely practical. There is a whole study/DVD kit you can get for this one.

Terry Rush also has a DVD called 100% Natural Evangelism but you can’t order that online that I know of. If anyone is interested in that let me know or contact Terry. I posted up a study guide to that material here.

I also have to mention Jesus 101. I am sure you guys already know about it because I have mentioned it frequently, but it is an evangelistic study through the Gospel of Mark.

What have you found helpful?

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  1. Jerry Tallman’s “His Eternal Plan” is an excellent resource, and very practical. He does an excellent job of connecting the testaments, unlike many guides to evangelism that almost ignore the Old Covenant and its place in God’s plan.

    1. Jesus was preaching to God’s people so his preaching wasn’t evangelistic in the sense of getting people “in”. However if you read Acts, post resurrection you see that even in preaching to the Jews they knew salvation comes only through Jesus. Even Jesus name is about salvation.

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