A New Resource on Kingdom Living – Needing Your Input

I am going to add a new resource page to Kingdom Living and I wanted to see if any of you guys have any resources to add. It is going to be a collection of ministry handbooks, manuals, templates, etc that would help someone in their ministry. This could include a ton of things like manuals or handbooks/templates you have designed for worship planning, weddings/funerals, sermon planning, small group manuals, evangelism materials, discipleship handbooks, adult education material…sky is the limit. You will get full credit (and a link if you have a website/twitter). Feel free to email me any pdf or documents you have – matthewdabbs@hotmail.com

Here are some examples of what I am talking about:
“Porn Again Christian” (a pdf from theresurgence.com & Mark Driscoll)
“Small Group Leaders Guide” (something I wrote a few years back from coordinating small groups)
“Jesus 101” (An evangelistic study through the Gospel of Mark)

This material won’t just sit there on a dusty shelf in the interwebs somewhere but will get used by real people doing real ministry. Thanks for considering it. I hope to have the new page up by January 15th.

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  1. Matt Carter says:

    Here’s a link to a book I wrote a few years ago about Christianity and the environment. The second half of the book is a handbook for helping make your congregation more creation-friendly. http://isjesusgreen.com/products

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