The March to 1,000,000 Views

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I started this blog in the summer of 2006 as a way to put some ideas out there, share resources and make connections. It is amazing to have seen all three of those things happen. I have hoped that God would use this site for His glory and not for my own. Having said that, this post is not meant to be a pat on the back. It is more the recognition of a milestone that I hope is repeated a few more times over. Sometime in early January the blog should roll past 1 million page views. I can hardly believe it.

Some other stats that just blow my mind

  • Nearly 250,000 views/year (684/day on average)
  • Over 60,000 pdf Bible study downloads
  • Over 10,000 comments (that is the one I really need to improve on).

Two things in closing. 1 – My goal looking ahead is to be less interested in stats like those and more interested in healthy dialog on the subjects that are mentioned on this blog. 2- I am going to do some book giveaways once the blog hits 1,000,000. So be looking forward to that! Thanks to all of you who have viewed the blog, commented, contributed articles, etc. You are a blessing to me!


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