A Few Things I Don’t Get About Calvinists

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Be forewarned, the following post contains broad generalizations based on what could be an unrepresentative sampling of Calvinist authors.

I have been reading from various Calvinist authors recently and one of the things I have noticed time and time again is that they don’t talk about “Christianity.” They talk about “Calvinism”. Where most of us would talk about what Christianity means or what salvation means in Christianity, they talk about solely in terms of Calvinism. What is more, and I know this is not true of all Calvinists, when they talk about Augustine, Calvin, Kuyper, Shedd, and others it is like they are talking about the apostles and when they talk about the written works of those men it is like they are talking about scripture. Another thing I have noticed is, in addition to the writings of those men, they tend to talk about the creeds and confessions on the same level of scripture (Westminster Confession, Heidelberg Catechism, etc). I don’t know if this is true across the board but it is what I have been noticing lately. This happens to such a degree that if you flip through these books you see more references to Calvinist writers and thinkers and the confessions, creeds and catechisms than scripture. Is it just me? Is it just the guys I have been reading…or have any of you found this to be generally true as well?

Last, I don’t get why John Calvin’s hat didn’t get passed along quite as well as his theology. To be fair, there are things I don’t get about Arminianists as well!

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