The Difference Between A-Biblical and Unbiblical

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The line between unbiblical and a-biblical has been erased. People assume that if the Bible doesn’t talk about it, it is unbiblical. Not necessarily. If the Bible doesn’t talk about it specifically, it is first a-biblical. It can be both a-biblical and unbiblical but not all a-biblical things are automatically unbiblical. Unbiblical is not defined by absence from scripture. Unbiblical means something is actually taught against by scripture and is incompatible with scripture.

Here is an example,

“We are talking about reforming youth ministry. To reform something, as a Christian, means to take it back to its original, biblically intended purpose. Well, youth ministry doesn’t have one. Therefore, we don’t need to reform it. We need to abolish it.” – Voddie Baucham 9:30 mark

My intention is not to discredit Voddie Baucham. If you watch the whole video he makes some really good points. Actually, I would encourage you to watch the whole video if you have the time. I am just using it as one example of a point that is made saying something is unbiblical when it is a-biblical.

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