10 Most Downloaded Small Group & Bible Class Material

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Small group and Bible class PDF downloads passed 60k this week. Here are the top downloads of all time:

  1. Living the Commission (3009 downloads)
  2. LIFE Leader Manual (1423)
  3. Impacting Through Compassion (1242)
  4. Introducing Prayer (1227)
  5. How God Defines Beauty (1171)
  6. God’s Word is Truth (1135)
  7. Consumerism (1035)
  8. Godly Role model (1022)
  9. Make Me a Servant (1007)
  10. Finding Community (1004)

I would love to hear some feedback from any of you guys who have used this material, whether written by me or by any of the other great guys who have allowed their material to be shared on this site.

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  1. I am pastor in the Philippines, I’m handling as senior pastor. our goal is to create more small groups in our area of responsibilities

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