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Several months ago we started to organize our outreach on Wednesday night (read more about the approach here). We have always had a lot of visitors at Northwest but since we started doing this, we have had a ton of first time visitors, pretty much every week. We have also had a lot of people placing membership. Last Sunday we introduced 9 new members and had another 9-10 people here for the first time.

That is a huge blessing, as God has been sending Christians our way who have moved to St. Pete from out of town and others who have been looking for a new church and have found it. What we were really hoping and praying for was to reach lost people and bring them to faith in Christ. It seemed like since we started all of this we had had less baptisms, not more. I wouldn’t say it was getting discouraging because we have been doing everything we know to do and praying for God to work in us and through us. Well, this past week we had three baptisms and three new Bible studies with non-Christians that have been started in addition to that! I can’t say it is all due to our hard work but I can say that this is what we have been praying for and God is faithful!

I really believe that if we pray for opportunity and are willing to be used that God will help us connect with those people who need Jesus. Maybe you aren’t quite sure where to start…start with prayer that is accompanied with a willingness to follow God’s lead and see what God does. It will blow your mind!

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  1. Use the opportunities He gives – and He will open more doors. It’s worked that way for Eastern European Mission for more than 50 years – and it will work for everyone who uses his God-given talents in God-provided opportunities for God-designed work that is bathed in prayer. That seems to be what is happening. Remember the parable of the growing seed of corn in Mark 4. First the shoot, then the leaves, then the head of grain, and finally the harvest.

    You had to spark the interest of your group first and nurture them as they began to experiment with growth-thinking, followed by more sturdy growth after those tenuous first efforts. Finally, God is giving the first fruits of the harvest. I am sure there will be more to come.

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