10 Big Mistakes in Christianity Today

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  1. Breeding consumers
  2. Pushing edginess even to the compromise of doctrine
  3. Fostering a celebrity culture among popular preachers
  4. Pushing for social justice while not recognizing the urgency of reaching lost people (used to be the other way around. We need both)
  5. Using systematic theology to trump good exegesis.
  6. Creating great information delivery systems with no visible/obvious ways to put that information into practice outside of infrequent, large-scale events
  7. Making the simple Gospel overly complicated and foggy.
  8. Relying on big events, elaborate worship, and professionally delivered sermons to transform people.
  9. Always wanting something new rather than seeking for something old
  10. Too much talk, not enough action (5 ways of studying the Bible each week but no outreach is happening) when that approach is not what Jesus modeled for us.

Just some observations. Take them for what they are worth.

7 Responses

  1. I’m not sure my experience matches 4 & 5, but I definitely think you’re on to something with 1, 6, & 8. The larger a church is the harder it is to cultivate personal spiritual growth.

  2. Great observations, Matt! I found myself heartily amen-ing virtually everything on the list. I hadn’t actually thought about #3 before, but you’re definitely onto something there.

  3. Number 8 is one that stands out for me. I’m a member at a “small” Church (20 – 35 people in a morning service), the comment we get most from people is we do not offer a worship service like the “mega” Churches. We still sing out of hymn books and do not have “singing on the wall” (big screens). It is frustrating and disheartening to try to grow a church with out the things you have listed in your list as #8. I wish people would come and spend time with us at our “small country” Church – it is the same Spirit.

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