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Turns Out Jesus Wasn’t Married After All

September 26th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Archaeology, Christ, Jesus

The fragment of papyrus that appeared to talk about Jesus’ wife is now believed to be fake. Thanks to Daniel Wallace – Jesus’ Wife Fragment Judged a Fake & Craig Evans for getting this information out – Update on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. Also have a look at Jim West’s reaction. The fact that it got this much publicity before any of that was determined (which wouldn’t be hard to do) seems to me to show the agendas at play in some of these things. Will the news that this is fake get as much air time as the news Jesus might have been married received? Doubtful. This goes back to a point being made over at Josh Graves blog that we like narratives that confirm what we already believe and quickly discard those that run counter to our beliefs. People are quick to blog about and publish things that fit their pet narratives and hush or ignore dissenting voices by not publishing the real story once it is known. It is a shame when people allow falsehood to linger when they know the truth but won’t mention it.

So let’s see if the Today Show, CNN, Fox News, etc come back and correct this.

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