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A modern worldview fixes everything with information. The problem is, that doesn’t work. You know this already. You know the tendency…that when a problem arises (people aren’t evangelistic enough) that the solution is always the same (have more lessons on it). And if people don’t get it, what do we do then? Teach it even more until they do! This is not hard to figure out. This is nothing new. Take a good look at how Jesus got people to be evangelistic and others focused. He didn’t just give them information, he lived it out with them. If we want people to “get it” it is going to take a lot more than a one shot crash course in techniques and guilt trips. We have to create a culture were these things are practiced and celebrated. Until we do that don’t expect anything to change. The problem is, it is easier to prepare a one hour class or thirty minute sermon than it is to change a culture.

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  1. In my ministry I have found that personal investment makes the difference. Some of our clients come from varied backgrounds and some from a place where it was easier for a doctor to prescribe a pill than take a personal investment in the patient to bring him out of his mess. Relationship (founded in the Lord) always makes the difference.

  2. I do a seminar on Christ and Culture (where I use some of your material on reaching 20s and 30s!). Among other things, I try to remind them that even as we worry about the “boogeyman” that is postmodernism, we need to recognize that modernism was no friend to Christianity. We don’t need to make postmoderns into moderns to lead them to Christ.

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