Hype in Hypertext or the Real Deal?

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The internet does an excellent job of giving a voice to people you might not have known of otherwise. One problem that springs out of this is pride. If you have any kind of online presence why do you do it? Is it because you want to be heard? Is it because you like to hear yourself? Maybe it is because we think our views are so amazing that they must be shared. Or maybe we have a passion for something that we have a deep need to express.

If you have a presence on the web it is important to take inventory and ask yourself what drives it all. Is it about you and your own pride or is it about something else? When it is about your pride you become a stat checker. You just care about traffic because that means more people are hearing what you have to say. People are thinking about you and people are talking about you. You get excited when you notice people mention you on twitter or link to something you wrote, not because God’s kingdom might expand or some eternal good may come of it but because you are getting recognition. When it is about you, you write some things just to stir people up and drive traffic to your site or twitter account. Controversy gets more attention than spiritual depth.

When it is about God you would write those things whether anyone read them or not. When the kingdom drives your efforts you aren’t in it for attention, to make a name or anything other than doing whatever it takes to expand the borders of the kingdom of God into the lives of others. We don’t always fall neatly into one side or the other. We can have mixed motives or do better at times and worse at other times. It is still important that we ask ourselves what is driving our online presence. It is also important that we evaluate whether what we present online is all just “hype in hypertext” or if it is the “real deal”. Do we talk a good talk or are we willing to walk the walk?


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