Leaked Apple iphone 5 Promo Video


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  1. What a sad commentary on the busyness of life that is lived in the darkness.

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  3. James says:

    Funny enough, Nikon really did release an Android-based based camera this week.

    Jerry, we do indeed live in a world of darkness, but I wouldn’t put much into this snarky satire. In fact, I were to take this seriously, I’d first find the comments about the loneliness of people taking snapshots of their food to not only be inaccurate, but highly judgmental and condescending. Why would I need to make such judgments of people just because they wanted to share a photo of food?

    • James,
      What I was commenting about was the self-centered view that seeks reinforcement through feed-back from others. Certainly, food can (in the right circumstances) be a proper subject for a picture on face-book. Put Thanksgiving Dinner on face-book, so others can enjoy it with you (or grieve that they are not with you?)

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