Elijah’s First Haircut

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Elijah got his first haircut today and took it like a champ. It is amazing to watch our boys grow up. Honestly, I didn’t realize the value of the people around me until I had kids of my own. It hit me one day…every single person in the whole world was just like this little guy. Just about without exception they had someone who loved them, raised them, and value them just as much as I love my own kids. It is hard to get angry at people, even strangers when you realize that. Ultimately, God is the Father of all and loves every single one. I am so grateful to be alive and to have the joy of raising these boys!

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  1. Wonderful words. Your kind way of saying how all were children and God being the Father of all quickly brings to mind how Jesus, when telling the disciples to let the little children come to him, natually moved to describe ALL as “these little ones”. And that means those of another race, a different style and cut of clothing, and a different lanquage or dialect, which includes those who do not attend church with us or vote the same as us.

    As the world gets smaller our famly gets larger. This frightens some Christians who value their culture as being closest to real Christianity ; but, growing has its pains.

    By the way, he’s a beautiful, and brave, little boy.

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