A Plug for Feeding Children Everywhere

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Saturday our congregation packed 45,000 meals for kids in Haiti. We raised $11,300 via special contribution. We sent the money to the Non-profit Feeding Children Everywhere. They brought the food (25 cents/meal) and supplies, set up our assembly lines and we packed 45k meals in two hours! I have to talk about this organization. They started just two years ago on a shoestring and now have up to 15 events/month to pack food for kids all over the world. They are working on a 3 million meal packing event in Tampa in August! These guys are great. What they do is great. It is a well oiled machine and I want you to know about them. I have posted about them before here on the blog but after our food packing event I just can’t say enough good about what they are doing.

Here are some pictures from our event




























The kids color and write on the boxes while we packed the food!















Elijah being cute

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