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Several of you asked about how to get the evangelistic Bible Study of Mark. I am going to post a link here where you can download it and use it free of charge. The copies we are producing are in book format but that wouldn’t work well in pdf because the pages wouldn’t read in order. This download is formatted as spreads. That means it will work for you to just print it and study with it but it won’t print out like a book, like the way we are doing it. If you really want it in a nice, glossy book format all stapled up and pretty I can get that for you at a cost of $3.50 per book. I don’t normally charge for anything because I never want money to be an obstacle to people growing spiritually. This would just help cover our cost and time to get this done and get it to you. You can buy a hard copy at if you want it that way. If you read it and especially if you study with someone with this please let me know how it goes. This is made to use for studying with non-Christians. Click the image to get the study…

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