How to Reach a Lost Generation Series

So far the How to Reach a Lost Generation Series is up to 7 parts with more on the way. Here is what has been covered so far in how to effectively reach 20s & 30s and grow their faith:

  1. Parable of the 60 Lost Sheep
  2. Who are we winning them to?
  3. Outreach that is still inreach
  4. The Shift from Passive to Active Evangelism
  5. 25 Reasons Young People are Leaving the Church
  6. The Burden is On Them as Well
  7. Ministry By them Rather than Ministry to Them
  8. Effects of the Young Adult Exodus are bigger than you think

I still welcome comments and dialog on any of those posts that you feel you have input or insights to share.

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  1. Tim Archer says:

    I’m hoping there’s an e-book (or physical one!) in the future with this info in it.

  2. […] to Reach a Lost Generation” series. You can find all of the current posts in that series here. I encourage you to read them and share your thoughts. I will be putting my own thoughts down to […]

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