Top 200 Church Blogs

I just found out that this blog is listed in the top 200 church blogs on the internet. That just blows me away. Thanks to everyone who visits, comments, posts small group and bible class lessons, and does so much more to help out what happens on this blog. I always hope that what happens here is more than just pontificating and processing and that some real, life-changing good comes from it all. I noticed Jim Martin and Jay Guin also made the list! Great job guys! Thanks also to Kent Shaffer and Fellowship One for making the list.

Top 200 Church Blogs

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  1. I am surprised you are in the top 200. It should be in the top 100 at least. I find your posts to be timely, informative, and unbiased. That’s a rare combination, especially in the online universe. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, Matt. You write well – and you are consistently writing. Your place in this survey reflects both of those.

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