Handout for My Classes at the Tulsa Workshop

Did you ever have that teacher in school who would put a piece of paper over the overhead lens so you couldn’t see all the notes at once? That drove me crazy! Here is a link to the handouts for my three classes at Tulsa. Originally it was going to be 20 pages but I got it down to 13. I am sure I could beef it up a bit but I think 13 is plenty to work with for now. My classes are Friday from 2-5pm. Come by and say hi if you can!

Practical Ministry to a Missing Generation Handouts

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  1. Looks like good stuff. Wish I could hear it in person.

    Thanks for sharing this material.

  2. […] added to the seminar some excellent material by Matt Dabbs on ministering to adults in their 20s and 30s. It’s material that he presented this year at […]

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