Tulsa Workshop 2012

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Anyone going to the Tulsa workshop this month? I am going to be doing three classes, back-to-back on ministry to young adults starting Friday at 2:00 with Q & A at the end. If this is of interest to you please come to the classes. They will be practical with handouts to take home. The handouts will give you the meat of the presentation (doesn’t it stink when you hear something helpful but then you hear 100 other helpful things that day and you forget it?) along with some very practical suggestions, process issues, and notes on how to do this without a paid staff person. I will also have a list of other resources longer than you can shake a stick at. If I get real ambitious, I might even hand out some sticks so you can shake them while you look at the list of resources! Just look for this guy for the stack of handouts when you get to the class…











Honestly, this is just a preemptive move to get you committed and excited about this class before you see that Terry Rush, Trey Morgan, Jeff Walling, and Josh Ross also have classes during this time frame.

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