A Generous Gift

Just before I left for Christmas one of our elderly ladies stopped by the church building with some Christmas cards for the ministers. Her health is not all that great, she has pain and doesn’t drive very many places like that. So I thought it was sweet she would make a special trip to bring by her Christmas cards. But it gets even sweeter. When I opened it up there was a check inside made out for $2. That just melted my heart. I called her to thank her for her generosity and kindness. She said she knew it wasn’t a lot but it was all she could do. I feel so blessed to have friends like that.

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  1. Remember this gift always! (as if you could possibly forget it)

    I still remember the 75 cents handed me by a little old woman in a church I visited in 1962 while raising funds for my first trip to New Zealand. (When I was returning home nearly 3 years later, that was the exact fare for a cab to go from the international terminal to the internal terminal in Honolulu.)

  2. Craig Ford says:

    Thanks for the encouraging story.

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