Relating to Jesus Through His Vulnerability

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Imagine if Jesus showed up in the flesh as a great teacher who taught and did miracles but at the end of the day went straight to heaven without feeling a bit of pain. No cross, no resurrection, no tears, no pain. Could you relate to that sort of Jesus? Not really. That is because real relationships require vulnerability. The fact that Jesus went through everything we do helps makes Jesus relatable. It draws us to him because we know that he knows. He knows what it is like to feel pain. He knows what it is like to be rejected. He knows what it is like to suffer, to bleed, to cry, and to die.

Relating to Jesus is only made easier by the fact that he made himself vulnerable enough to experience everything we do. How vulnerable do you make yourself to others? Might doing that help open doors for the kingdom in the lives of those you encounter? We live in a world that things vulnerability is for weaklings and spineless people. Jesus showed us quite the opposite. If you want to show the world Jesus Christ you don’t start with power. You start with vulnerability.

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