Baptism – Introductory Thoughts

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I have had baptism on my mind lately. One reason is our 20s & 30s class is talking about the basics and one of the things I have realized is that some decades ago we taught about baptism so much that there has been a pendulum swing where baptism is mentioned but not really taught: what is it, what it means, how God uses it, etc. People in their early and mid 20s never really got taught about baptism other than the expectation that if they want to be a Christian they have to be baptized. While we would never endorse this, often by default, what was communicated is that baptism is basically a check box work that must be check off to get to heaven. None of us would teach it that way but that is often what is communicated by our lack of communication.

So I want to talk about baptism for a few posts. This all boils down to putting aside everything we have been taught (or assumed), pick up the Bible and learn about it for ourselves. Then it is up to us to practice what we find there and for scripture to shape our beliefs about baptism. I am going to write about what the New Testament has to say about it, what it means, how it is taught and how it should be taught. I am also going to write about how various groups answer the question “What should I do to be saved?” and how baptism fits into that. Last, I want to write about various forms of baptism, where they come from and the importance and authority of scripture in our understanding and practice of these matters. I look forward to your feedback.

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