What Percentage of the 40s and Up Are Leaving the Church?

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I had an interesting conversation with Jim, our preacher, about the last blog post. He raised the question of what percentage of people beyond their 20s & 30s are leaving the church. Jim is in his early 60’s and told me that almost none of those he grew up with in church are still active Christians (at least that he knows of). The statistic of 75-80% of Christians leave church/their faith between the ages of 18-25 is mentioned often. The question then is whether this is true just of that group or of any group that you pick. In other words, if you were to pick any other demographic group in the church would the numbers be similar? I looked over at barna.org but couldn’t find anything on this.

So here is my question for any of you, especially for those of you  who are over 40. What percentage of people would you say leave in their 40s, 50s, 60s, etc? Is this just a young person problem or would that 75% statistic come close to mapping onto just about any sub group you pull out of the general church population?

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