Revitalizing Bible Class – No Cookie Cutter Solutions

I wish I could just create a template that you could set down on top of your current Bible class structure and make it all perfect. But the truth is that is just not possible. In fact, much of what I am learning about this issue is coming from my own mistakes and the need for improvement in this area that I have had to battle over the years. So if you came to Northwest next week you would by no means find the perfect scenario. But we are working on things, learning some helpful principles and passing on what can be passed on to help others who may be in similar situations.

So before I wade into ways to make class relevant again I just want to say that there is no perfect answer. There is no program that will get the job down with 100% consistency across various types and sizes of congregations. But we can talk shop about healthy principles and discuss ways to put life and effectiveness back into our teaching that hopefully someone who is listening in will benefit from. So there is my disclaimer. I will do my best to live up to not having the ultimate solution for your personal situation 🙂

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