Two Amazing Syllables

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Elijah is really making some milestones these days. He turned seven months old a few weeks ago and it looks like he is about to start crawling. He took one bold crawl the other day of a couple of inches but that is about it so far. He has also started saying some things that are dear to our hearts. He said his first “ma ma” last week and his first “da da” this week! Dear words for his daddy to hear. While he has no idea how much I treasure those tiny words they mean so much to me. Jonah, our two year old, is trying to teach him to say “Jonah” too. That may be a while.

I wonder how God feels when we talk to Him. We through around God’s name on a regular basis but it is kind of refreshing to think about who God is, how we are His children, and how precious we are to our Father. We can get all caught up in big theological words but often it is the smallest and simplest that are most meaningful. The most important word of all is one of the first words a baby is able to say. Now that is much more profound than anything I could come up with.

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