An Interesting Post on Who Killed Goliath

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Claude Mariottini has written a couple of excellent posts on who killed Goliath based on the seeming discrepancy between 1 Sam 17:49-50 & 2 Sam 21:19 which appear to say David killed Goliath and Elhanan killed Goliath. Which is it? He believes the word “Goliath” may not be a name at all but may be a designation for a particular type of soldier. So David killed a Goliath and Elhanan killed another.

Who Killed Goliath – Part 1
Who Killed Goliath – Part 2
Who Killed Goliath – Part 3

If you are only going to read one read the third one.

On a side note, Mariottini also recently ran across Edward Fudge’s material on the Conditional view of hell. I was glad to see Fudge get a mention on CM’s blog.

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