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A couple of weeks ago I asked our 20s & 30s what kinds of things are roadblocks to them asking their friends to attend Bible class and the assembly. One main thing came to light that may be true of people where you live as well. They said our Bible classes and sermons assume people know the Bible. Many people still don’t know the basics. There gave a couple of suggestions on how to address this:

  1. A class on the basics of Christianity. I asked them what questions they had and their answers were everything from “Who is God?” to “Why do we do such and such in the worship service.”
  2. Avoid statements like, “We all know the story of Melchizedek, right”. Those statements inadvertently divides the class into two groups – those who know and those who do not. I am trying to work statements like that out of my vocabulary.
  3. Consider outsiders when choosing class topics. We did a marriage series a few months ago and it excluded some people. That doesn’t mean there is no place for something like that it is just important that we consider everyone and not just appeal to people who are in the same stage of life we are in.

We decided to start a class on the basics and many of them have volunteered to help teach it. I guess I assumed for a long time that people already knew the basics but it turns out that many who have been in church their whole lives still don’t know. It amazed me that they actually asked for a class on this. We often assume basics are the last thing our young adults want to hear about but maybe they are more interested and in need of those topics than we think. All you have to do is ask them and see what they say.

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