Ben Witherington on Hermeneutics

While looking back at Witherington’s Pagan Christianity material I ran across a really well written piece on hermeneutics. Any preacher, Bible class teacher, elder, or Christian in general could learn a lot from this.

Hermeneutics – What is it and why do Bible readers need it.

Hermeneutics is the art of biblical interpretation. Reading requires interpreting and that interpreting needs to be done as accurately as possible. A couple of additional resources to consider adding to your shelf would include:

  1. Introduction to Biblical Interpretation by Blomberg
  2. Exegetical Fallacies by Carson
  3. Linguistics and Biblical Interpretation by Cottrell & Turner
  4. Introduction to Biblical Interpretation by Klein, Blomberg & Hubbard
  5. Handbook of Biblical Criticism by Soulen
  6. Elements of Biblical Exegesis by Gorman

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