Why We Chose Bible Class

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In the previous post I wrote about a change we have made to our 20s & 30s Sunday morning Bible class. One of the things that I have heard brought up a few times from various people is why did we choose Sunday Bible class to become our launching time for our ministry when we could have met at another time during the week and kept Bible class intact? This was addressed as we discussed this as a class and ministry and I wanted to lay out the rationale here.

First was a practical reason. We already meet together every Sunday morning and so it seemed like a logical time to do it since we were all already there together. Second, we discussed our environments. We have multiple environments for Bible study (Sunday, Wednesday and periodic devotionals) but we had no environment for coordinating real ministry. Something needed to give in order to make room for something just as godly as Bible study. We also made the decision to keep Bible study a part of Sunday morning class, just not 100% of the time as it had been. I will talk more about exactly what we are doing in the next post.

So in all of this I don’t want to come across like we thought Bible study wasn’t good or that we didn’t want more Bible study. We still do lots of that. We have just added real, live application in the process.

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    1. That would work as well or better. You have more opportunities at 7:00 to do outreach and service than you do at 9:30 on a Sunday morning.

  1. Matt,

    I’m working now on a lesson from Luke 2:49, “Don’t you know I must be about my Father’s Business.” The 12-year old Jesus was about the Father’s business asking and answering questions in the Temple. The adult Jesus was about the Father’s business in many more ways. We are more adept at following the pre-adolescent Jesus than we are the adult Jesus. Kudos to you and your class!

    If we learn for the sake of learning, we become self-focused and spiritually bloated – just as people who eat for the sake of eating with little or no exercise tend to become unhealthily obese.


    PS I have begun posting on my blog again after several weeks of intermittent activity there. (I have no plans to go back to daily posting, but probably will post 3-4 times per week.

    1. Jerry,

      Do you mind if I repost this in a post? That was great and I think you are right on track. Never thought of it that way but it is a great parallel.

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